Ocasion machines

  P. I. Plà de la Bruguera
Carrer Solsonès, 49
08211 Castellar del Vallès
Barcelona - Spain
Tel. (+34) 93 714 33 73
Fax. (+34) 93 714 53 97

Catalan industrial Machinery and Automation


CATALAN INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND AUTOMATION is a company formed by a team that has accumulated extensive experience over 30 years in the industry, whose core activity is the study, design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of machinery for the textile sector of non-woven (nON-wOVEN), and the manufacturing sector of pillows as well as multi-level applications.

CIMA, performs other activities such as marketing of consumables related to the sector, specific training at the customer, and maintenance contracts tailored to the client.

Prepared for the market like an innovative company.


CIMA exists because in 2004, two entrepreneurs believed in the future of the textile sector, differentiating based automation and continuous evolution. This is why CIMA is continually reinventing, to continue presenting the market as an innovative company that provides solutions adapted to the modern world, trying to visualize the future.

2004. Federico Navarro with his partner, former employees of the defunct Guasch Graño, founded CIMA, SL

2007. CIMA, renewed and offers the market the most competitive pre-punching of the market, OLPA model.

2010. CIMA, applying the latest technology existing develops FEIR crosslappers veils, able to compete at the highest worldwide in all aspects.

Strategic location


CIMA facilities are located in Castellar del Vallés, near Barcelona. The strategic location allows for quick communication with our customers and partners using different routes and at the same time, to offer a personalized customer service.
CIMA, has modern facilities, spread across offices and production area, testing, warehousing and logistics, where we find the machinery and instruments to provide flexible solutions, and achieve a high level of quality.

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